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Steel Front Hubs

Brake conversions. 
Stud pattern changes.
Offset changes.
Strength upgrades.
Weight saving.

MSF’s comprehensive range of Steel Front Hubs for Australian and imported cars allows you to choose for almost any application.

Perhaps you are upgrading the brakes on an early Holden or a Commodore but don't want to change offsets. 
Maybe your older Falcon or Mustang is going to see some track work and you are nervous about those nearly 40 year old cast iron hubs. You might be building a special and need a hub for a geometry change
- MSF can help with suitable hubs   

After it's recent rebuild and restoration, Bob Jane's ATCC
winning Camaro runs MSF steel hubs front and full floater rear.

Our best selling early Commodore hub lets you direct fit the later model brakes. We have hubs and brake upgrade kits for Holden owners wanting Commodore VT or HSV brakes.

MSF Steel Front Hubs are made from billet steel, CNC machined and supplied with bearing cups and wheel studs. Disc and wheel locating diameters are compatible with the application. Non standard bolt patterns, long studs, wheel guide end caps, stub stiffener bearing spacers and plated finishes can be specified.

If you need a hub you don't see, or a special, contact us.


VB to VR Commodore steel hub.

Ever popular hub for Commodore brake conversions.
The 10 mm inset allows brake rotor changes with no alteration in wheel position.
Comes with VT studs.
Long studs in 12 x 1.5 or 1/2"available 
Price: $425.00

Holden #6

Price: $425.00

Holden #10

Price: $425.00

Holden #15

Price: $425.00


Price: $425.00

Holden #25

Price: $425.00

Holden #31

Price: $425.00

Falcon XR to XY

Price: $425.00

Falcon XD XE XF

Price: $425.00

Falcon EA EB ED

Price: $425.00


We stock and supply various Mustang hubs.
Applications differ.  Please contact us with your requirements.
Price: $425.00

Mazda R100 RX2-3-4 also 808/Capella, 1200/1300 Sedan Coupe

These hubs are drilled to suit 5 stud wheel fitment.
*5 on  4.5"   Ford
*5 on 120 mm   Commodore

Ideal hub for brake conversions and wheel upgrades.
Supplied with 12 x 1.5 studs.
Long 1/2" studs available.

Price: $500.00

RX7 Series 1-2

Std wheel position.
Std stud pattern
Fitted with 12 x 1.5 mm studs
Ideal brake upgrade hub
Price: $500.00

RX7 Series 1-2-3 5 stud Ford pattern

Price: $500.00

Valiant Charger

Price: $425.00

Torana LC to A9X

Torana hub available in 5 on 108 mm, 5 on 120 (Commodore), 5 on 120.65 (Holden)
Price: $425.00